Inkspell (Inkworld Trilogy #2)

Inkspell was written by Cornelia Funke.

After defeating Capricorn everyone tries to settle down back again in their old lifes. But Dustfinger can’t for his family and his home is inside of Inkheart. So when he finally finds a man called Orpheus to read him back into his story he is more happy than ever. But Dustfinger doesn’t know that Basta is back. And he’s trying to kill them all for what they did to his master. Soon, Meggie and Farid have to find Dustfinger in the world of Inkheart to safe his life, and their lives as well.

I read Inkspell for the Tome Topple Readathon 2017 which is all about reading books that are over 500 pages long and at least the German version is about 700 pages long.

What I really loved about this book is that they finally went inside of Inkheart all of them with different reason and they all made they’re way through the world. It was so well described that I actually got way mor invested in this book than in the first one so that was pretty positive. It was still kind of slow pace at some parts but I was able to finish it in about four days so that’s prett good. But I’m also still not entirely sure if I’m going to pick up the third and final one soon. I will eventually but maybe not this month.

Inkheart (Inkworld Trilogy #1)

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Inkheart was written by Cornelia Funke.

There is a strange man outside of Meggies house and he claims to know Mo, her father, in a strange way. Apperently, Mo has read the man ,who calls himself Dustfinger, out of a book named Inkheart in a fateful night nine years ago at the same time as Maggies Mum disappeared and was never seen again. But Dustfinger wasn`t the only one Mo read out of the book and soon the villain of the story tries to the find the last copy of the book he fell out of and Mo happens to be in possession of that copy.

This is one of the books that kids in Germany read growing up (if they liked reading) except for me because I hated the idea of the story when I was younger and the one time I actually picked it up I read like 100 pages and then stopped `cause I thought it was fucking stupid.  My sister was like the biggest fan of the trilogy and I remember only liking the movie which I will talk about later because firstly, I want to talk about the book itself.
Now that I`ve finally read it at age 17 I`m confident to say that this book is actually pretty good. There wasn´t as much happening as I thought it would be and strangely while I was reading I thought that especially Basta wasn`t as villainous as I hoped he might be but since this is a middle grade novel I´m super okay with it. At this point I`m actually pretty excited about the next book in the series.

NOW, moving on to the movie.
Well, I really enjoyed the movie back in the days but I rewatched it today after finishing the book and I fucking hate it. It`s horrible. Ok well it`s probably not that horrible but they changed so much from the books and don`t you just hate it when that happens? I`m also not quite sure how I was able to understand the plot of the movie without having read the book because the explaining skills of the movie characters is a zero.  And Capricorn was played by the actor of Gollum so whenever he said something I was just like: “my precious”.  I feel like that really ruined the character of Capricorn.

But anyways, They captured Farids and Dustfingers personality really good so I was pretty pleased with that because I thought that they were the bast characters in the book. But overall, when it comes to the movie, these two gifs might express my feelings:



Dustfinger is cool fight me.




German Cover

English Cover

Gif 1

Gif 2

Readathon TBR: Tome Topple Readathon 2017

The Tome Topple Readathon starts on August 4th at midnight in your timezone and ends on August 17th at midnight in your timezone. The goal is to read books with 500+ pages and you can read as many or as less books as you want.

I decided to try and read 3 books for this readathon:

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell:

Since this is my favorite book of all time and I’m always in the mood to read it I’m just gonna go for it. Also, I’m planning on doing a Carry On masterpost but I might update my Carry On collection first so idk when I’ll write that. (Do you even want a superlong post about why I love this book so much?)

Inkspell by Cornelia Funke:

I’ve just finished Inkheart and I’m curious enough to continue this trilogy. And that’s one of the books that I’m reading in German since it was originally written in German. 

The School For Good And Evil: The Last Ever After by Soman Chainani:

The 4th book in this series comes out in September or October and I obviously need to read the 3rd on before I read that.

I might not read these books because I’m lazy af but we’ll see.

Stolen Songbird (The Malediction Trilogy #1)


Stolen Songbird was written by Danielle L Jensen.

Cécile de Troyes has been kidnapped and brought to the trolls, who live under the mountains, because they need her to break the curse that bound their city 500 years ago. But Cécile has no intention to help the trolls to their freedom. But she soon finds out that there is no escape from Trollus, and a rebellion is brewing in which she might have a big role.

Spoiler free!:
I was searching for some good high fantasy, especially with mythical creatures like trolls, so I really enjoyed that part. The book starts with the kidnapping so you don´t have to wait like 80 pages for stuff to happen, although the pace slows down during the rest of the book which could have been a bit better but I guess it makes sense. 

I went into this book thinking it was completely fantasy but it kind of turned into a romance after a while and the fantasy aspect wasn´t really important anymore so I found that a tiny bit annoying. And the whole lovestory between Cécile and Tristan was a bit weird because they became very close, than they fought, than they became close again, than they fought again, etc.
And I thought that characters like Marc and Tips were more interesting than Cécile and Tristan and we didn´t get enough from them.
Overall I enjoyed the book more when I started it vs. when I finished it but it was a pretty interesting story so now I have no idea how to rate it.


Why I´m not the biggest fan of the Shadowhunter books /RANT

OK, first of all, before I even get into this, I`ve only read the first three books of the Mortal Instruments series and I don`t hate them but there are some reasons why I stopped reading any of the Shadowhunter books after City of Glass. I do plan on reading all of them some day because, again, I don`t hate them and I don`t think that they are bad. There is just some stuff that I don`t like and where I don`t understand that people don`t talk about this or don`t talk about this in a critical way even though it`spretty problematic. So if you like these books: cool, there`s nothing wrong with that, this is just my personal opinion.
(While I`m writing this I realized, that I`m super pissed at certain things so, yeah, I`m pissed)
Also: Spoilers!

  • First of all, Clary Fray. I mean, ok, I get it, she`s new to the whole shadowhunter world but in City of Bones she literally does nothing to help her friends when it comes to a fight. She just stands in the next corner and everyone has to defend her and I mean, hello? self defense? that`s a thing? And yes, she learns how to defend herself later on but I`ve read books where someone was confronted with a new situation an was attacked by some shit but did at least some sort of self defense. Without Jace, Isabelle, Alec and even Simon, she would have been so dead in the first, like, 50 pages.
  • She´s also a cliché YA main character and you can literally find a character that is exactly  like Clary Fray in most YA books. This bitch is replaceable. 
  • Something else about lovely Clary Fray (is that even her last name?): Everyone is so mean to her, especially Alec and Isabelle. They just hate her so much, when in reality, Isabelle gave Clary her clothes, Isabelle got her ready for Magnus`s party? Where’s that mean? And Alec is literally just pissed because that`s his fucking personality??? He’s pissed the whole fucking time so stop pretending he`s pissed because of you. Also, stop thinking everyone has to love you from the first second on.
  • Talking about Alec and Clary: Clary finding out that Alec is gay and then in a moment when she’s like fighting or some shit with him she`s like: You`re just doing that because you`re in love with Jace. Honestly, I hate her for saying that. I mean, are you fucking kidding me? In what world is it okay to out someone? In what world is it okay to force someone out of the closet even though this person isn`t sure about their sexuality or gender identity or whatever? I mean, obviously, at that point in the story, Alec isn`t even out to himself and he`s in the middle of the whole struggle that comes with figuring out that you`re not straight etc. But she, as a straight person, thinks it`s super helpful to tell him that it`s super obvious that he`s gay and this is not okay. She probably thought she was the reason why he eventually came out as gay but Bitch, he literally denied being gay while making out with Magnus so, no, you did not help at all. Because you don`t force someone to come out, you don`t assume someone´s sexuality or gender identity unless they tell you, and you don`t help someone in their coming out process. Someone should have said this to Clary Fray before she opened her fucking mouth.
  • Jace Wayland in one word: cliché. Again. Ok, let me explain: super hot dude that is super mean and sarcastic to EVERYONE except for the main girl of the story. He`s super cool and everyone looks up to him but at the end everyone has more character than him. And god do I hope that this changes in the later books.
  • Next one: Simon whatever his last name is. I get it, he`s suuper in love with Clary and heartbroken because she lusts hardcore after Jace I-have-no-character Wayland and, I mean, that seems like stuff that happens in real life, I wouldn`t know. BUT, and that`s the part where he starts being annoying as fuck, the instance Clary and Jace can`t be together anymore (next point) he`s all over her and tries to become her boyfriend. Are you fucking kidding me? Who does shit like that? 
  • And last but not least: the plot twist at the end of City of Bones. There are multiple things I need to talk about:
  1. Was that even important for the story? Besides their tragic lovestory? I mean, honestly, why should Valentine be like: “I want them both on my side and I can tell that they like each other. You know what would be funny? To tell them that they`re actually siblings. Hilarious. They`re so gonna laugh about this when I eventually tell them that they`re not related.” What was the fucking point? Despite pretending that straight couples have these huge problems and that so many people don`t want them to be together. There are so many people who hate them together and question their relationship because it seems wrong. Clary and Jace are straight, white and cis gender. No one, I repeat, no oneis going to question they`re relationship, like ever. You’ve ever heard someone being bullied for being straight? A couple getting bad looks for holding hands while being straight? No? Because that shit doesn`t happen. So I hate it, when authors make the most privileged relationships the most problematic. Because you know who get´s bullied, attacked, insulted and sometimes even killed? People of color, people who are a part of the lgbt+ community, literally everyone in a minority. Obviously, this has nothing directly to do with City of Bones, but Clary and Jace are portrayed as this couple that everyone hates and everyone wants them to break up. And this just doesn`t happen to straight people. Trust me, if you`re straight, you can be so happy that no one hates you for that.
  2. They think that they`re siblings and they still lust after each other for the whole time until they realize, that they`re not actually siblings? That`s literally just so fucked up and disgusting? And this is also the only time where I really don`t understand people`s opinion on this book: how are/were you able to still ship them? As siblings? This is honestly just so wrong and I still don´t understand how Cassandra Clare thought this was a good idea to write.


Again, I don’t hate these books, I don’t hate you for loving them, these are just things I wish people would talk about, especially  Clary outing Alec and the plot twist, both in City of Bones. So please, leave me a comment so that we can talk about this.


The Dark Prophecy (The Trials Of Apollo #2)


The Dark Prophecy was written by Rick Riordan.

The Hidden Oracle (The Trials Of Apollo #1)

Apollo has been cast down from the Olymp and found the hidden oracle in Camp Half-Blood. On his way to restore another oracle, so that he can return to the Olymp, he runs directly into the second member of the evil Triumvirate who kind of hates him after what happened between both of them in the past. Now Apollo, Leo and Calypso have to protect Indianapolis and find the second oracle before the time runs out.

I love Leo Valdez. I know that some people think he´s super annoying because of his many crushes on literally every girl he sees but you know, he has a girlfriend in this book so he´s not flirting with every girl he sees.
Apollo starts becoming more and more human especially when he´s trying to protect Meg. And what I really enjoy about Trials Of Apollo in general: You learn so much about Apollos past and since he´s my favorite god in all of Rick Riordans books I really appreciate this.
I can´t wait for the next book to come out.

Rating: A+



Book Characters + Music #1 (Kaz Brekker)

This is a series I´m gonna do, where I choose one character and match them with a song that I feel like represents them because of the lyrics and the meaning of the song (If that makes sense). 

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

#1 The Six Of Crows Duology – Kaz Brekker

With Confidence – Godzilla

      Why?: I was driving home from my grandparents and I listened to some music and then Godzilla came up and then this thought sprang into my mind that this is literally Kaz Brekker in form of a song.
This song fits to the Kaz who´s trying to destroy everything that Pekka Rollins ever did but also to the Kaz who´s still trying to be with Inej despite all circumstances-
And can we just talk about So I’m running through this town in black
Leather jeans and stupid hats because this is literally the best description of Kaz Brekker and no one can tell me otherwise.



Oh I’m knocking down these buildings
Like I’m breaking through these feelings
Stepping on the dreams in my head

And I’m feeling kinda angry
But my attitude will vary
All the things you think I might have said

When you think I’m coming home
Lock the door leave me alone
Run into the ocean instead
And I think I’ll try and give you up
Running pretty low on luck
Covered in the sheets of my bed

Covered in the sheets of my bed

So I’m running through the ocean
Flailing in its motion
All the love I had for you is dead
There’s a fire for your fury
And a gavel for your jury
And a place that you can claim in my stead

So I’m running through this town in black
Leather jeans and stupid hats
To be or not to be’s what he said
And I think I’ll try and give you up
Running pretty low on luck
Covered in the sheets of my bed

Covered in the sheets of my bed

And I’ll do the best that I can
To fuck up all your plans
You’re as blind as the eyes that you steal
I hope your wounds will never heal
And I hate every breathe that you take
Cos I feel and I kneel and I break
And I know, oh I know what it cost
Cos now I am always lost

And your eyes will clash with your skin
And your gaze will hold me in
And I know your mind is set
So I’ll take what I can get


Kevin Wada is the one who made all this beautiful artwork for the Six Of Crows duology aaaand: he´s also the one who made the new cover of Carry On which, I have to say this every single time I talk about this book, is my favorite book of all time and the new cover is so gorgeous. Anyways, you might want to check him out because his art is just the best.


Strange The Dreamer (Strange The Dreamer #1)


Strange The Dreamer was written by Laini Taylor.

Lazlo Strange is an orphan. And like all the orphans in Zosma he grew up in the monastery, where he wasn´t allowed to play out the stories if the lost city Weep, to pretend he was one of their warriors, their heros. But Lazlos life changes, when he´s send to the great library of Zosma and finds countless new stories to read and new secrets to learn about Weep. And soon, a decision he thought was a small one to make, sets him on a journey to help Weep, the only thing he ever dreamed of.

Don´t read further if you don´t want to read spoilers!

Honestly, this book went in a direction I never thought of. I mean, gods? But holy shit, was it good. The citadel in the sky over Weep, the gods hiding in it, Sarai.
To keep it short: The positive things were, first of all, the characters. So well developed. I just absolutely loved them all except maybe Minya because she´s a little bitch BUT that brings me to my next point: No one is truly good or bad. Minya might be one of the worst characters in the book and what she´s doing is wrong but I can definitely see where this is coming from. And even though I kind of hated her while reading the book because honestly Bitch, shut the fuck up, I was so able to understand where all her hate towards humans came from. I mean, the godslayer killed almost every single god in her family.
But still, she´s super mean, which brings me to the other characters that I loved:
Lazlo, Sarai, Sparrow, Ruby and Feral and so many more, but they´re not main characters and I don´t want to name them all. All the characters where so well written and so was the world building.
There are so many different sceneries described in this book and so vividly detailed which, sadly, leads me to the negative things about this book:
This book is long. I don´t mean the amount of pages and I don´t mean that it´s slow pace, because it definitely isn´t. But there are so many descriptions of everything that there are pages in the book where nothing happens except for Lazlo or Sarai describing something and nearly towards the end I felt like it was a bit too much because I wanted to know what happens so badly.
And the other thing has something to do with the plot twist that Lazlo is one of the gods himself. I mean, Sarai points out that Lazlos eyes are a strange grey and then they dream of Skathis and she points out that his eyes are grey and that was like super obvious? They literally talked about how the children look somewhat like their godly parents so when everybody found out that Lazlo is a god I almost didn´t understand why, because he looks exactly like his dad just with a different skin tone. 
The character who surprised me the most was definitely Thyon Nero and I have no idea if I absolutely love or absolutely hate him so I guess I´ll have to wait until the next book to see what he´s doing in it.

There is this Quiz that you can take to find out which godspawn you are and I thought this was pretty funny so idk if you wanna do it. I´m Feral, apparently.

(Rating: A-)



Also: please look at the gorgeous fanart that Laini Taylor posted on her blog.

Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag 2017

Was I tagged to do this? No. Am I gonna do it anyways? Yes.
I´m sure you´ve heard of the tag so I won´t explain it.

1. Best Book You´ve Read So Far?


Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

I feel like everyone said Crooked Kingdom but honestly this book is perfection.

2. Best Sequel You´ve Read So Far?


The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan

I haven´t written a review for this book yet but it´s coming soon(ish).

3. New Release You Haven´t Read Yet, But Want To?


The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

I´m normally not a contemporary but this is about the Black Lives Matter movement so I really want to get to it.

4. Most Anticipated Release For Second Half of 2017?


The Ship Of The Dead by Rick Riordan

Guys, I can´t wait for this book to come out because I love Magnus Chase and I love Rick Riordan and this book is going to be so great.

5. Biggest Disappointment?

Honestly I don´t really have one book that I would call the biggest disappointment of the year so I´m just gonna leave this question blank.

 6. Biggest Surprise?


The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

I thought I was gonna hate The Raven Boys so much but it was so fucking good because of the whole psychic stuff.

7.Favorite New Author?

Leigh Bardugo

8. Newest Fictional Crush?

Can I please just ignore that this question exists?

9. Newest Favorite Character?

I wanted to say Ronan Lynch from the Raven Cycle but then I realized that I started the Trials Of Apollo series this year so it has to be Apollo. Because he´s the best.

10. A Book That Made You Cry

Well, I usually cry always at some point while reading a book so I could list nearly all the books I´ve read so far this year. 

11. A Book That Made You Happy


The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater

The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle #2)

Reason: Ronan Lynch figuring out how he can make an exact copy of Ganseys ugly car and also that he´s super gay. Also Ronan Lynch in general.

12. Most Beautiful Book You´ve Got So Far This Year?

I was gonna say Strange The Dreamer, BUT MY FRIENDS


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

PLS LOOK AT THIS PIECE OF ART. You might or might not know that Carry On is my favorite book of all time and I already own a copy of it but I obviously had to get a second one when they revealed the new cover.  

13. What Books Do You Need To Read By The End of The Year?

The Last Ever After by Soman Chainani
→All the Lord Of The Rings books and hopefully the Hobbit
Truthwitch by Susan Dennard
A Game Of Thrones and maybe even A Clash Of Kings
→The Ship Of The Dead 
as I already mentioned it

These are the ones I can think of right now but there are way more I want to read this year.

Reading Books In Their Original Language

It´s been a year since I started this book blog and obviously I did not write a review to every single book I read during this year BUT I read all the books I wrote reviews about in English.

Why is this an important fact?
So, I live in Germany which means that English is not my first language and even though I started learning English in primary school my overall knowledge of the language was pretty shitty until about two or three years ago when I started watching YouTube in English and reading books in English.
So the reason why I told you the fact that I´ve read all these books in English is that my English is still not perfect and I´m still learning which leads me to the main part of this post:

Reading Books In Their Original Language

What do I mean with “Original Language”?
The language the book was originally written in, which is usually the language that a majority of people speak in the country the author lives in. 

Why Do I Want To Do This/ Why Am I Doing This?
You know, I could just easily go to my local bookstore and buy all the popular and not so popular books in German and that would be just fine but there is this huge thing I´m not a big fan of: Translations.
Not that people who translate books usually do a bad job because that´s not the case but there are often certain jokes and proverbs that don´t really work out in German so the translators have to change them.

I especially noticed this with books written by my all-time favorite author Rick Riordan (The best of the best, the one and only, the person who wrote all my favorite series, the person who actually writes books that are so fucking diverse that other authors are probably embarrassed for saying their books are diverse ( I´m looking at you, J.K. Rowling)).

I own the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series and the Heroes Of Olympus series in German and I own The Kane Chronicles, the Magnus Chases series and The Trials Of Apollo in English. So I noticed (because I´ve read the Kane Chronicles in German before I bought them myself in English) that some of the jokes the characters make in English are weirdly translated in German because it doesn´t make sense in the translation. I also noticed that the way characters speak, for example Leo Valdez, can´t be a 100% translated so they just change it a bit and it´s save to say that I don´t like this.

Long Story short: I´m trying to read books in their original language which is usually English and if a book was written in German then I read it in German. (I´ve learned French for like six years but honestly, my French is so bad that I don´t think I could read a whole book. And I´ve had Japanese lessons for two years but I´m not going to continue this for the next school year so I´m obviously not able to read a whole book in Japanese.)

The only time I go against this rule is when I´m pretty sure that the original English is way to heavy for me but I really want to understand every single word in the story.
The Lord Of The Rings is one of those books because I bought this a few days ago in German so that I´ll understand everything while reading it. (And because the cover of is super gorgeous so I couldn´t resist it.) 
 And obviously when I already own a German copy of a book.