Inkheart (Inkworld Trilogy #1)

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Inkheart was written by Cornelia Funke.

There is a strange man outside of Meggies house and he claims to know Mo, her father, in a strange way. Apperently, Mo has read the man ,who calls himself Dustfinger, out of a book named Inkheart in a fateful night nine years ago at the same time as Maggies Mum disappeared and was never seen again. But Dustfinger wasn`t the only one Mo read out of the book and soon the villain of the story tries to the find the last copy of the book he fell out of and Mo happens to be in possession of that copy.

This is one of the books that kids in Germany read growing up (if they liked reading) except for me because I hated the idea of the story when I was younger and the one time I actually picked it up I read like 100 pages and then stopped `cause I thought it was fucking stupid.  My sister was like the biggest fan of the trilogy and I remember only liking the movie which I will talk about later because firstly, I want to talk about the book itself.
Now that I`ve finally read it at age 17 I`m confident to say that this book is actually pretty good. There wasn´t as much happening as I thought it would be and strangely while I was reading I thought that especially Basta wasn`t as villainous as I hoped he might be but since this is a middle grade novel I´m super okay with it. At this point I`m actually pretty excited about the next book in the series.

NOW, moving on to the movie.
Well, I really enjoyed the movie back in the days but I rewatched it today after finishing the book and I fucking hate it. It`s horrible. Ok well it`s probably not that horrible but they changed so much from the books and don`t you just hate it when that happens? I`m also not quite sure how I was able to understand the plot of the movie without having read the book because the explaining skills of the movie characters is a zero.  And Capricorn was played by the actor of Gollum so whenever he said something I was just like: “my precious”.  I feel like that really ruined the character of Capricorn.

But anyways, They captured Farids and Dustfingers personality really good so I was pretty pleased with that because I thought that they were the bast characters in the book. But overall, when it comes to the movie, these two gifs might express my feelings:



Dustfinger is cool fight me.




German Cover

English Cover

Gif 1

Gif 2


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