Readathon TBR: Tome Topple Readathon 2017

The Tome Topple Readathon starts on August 4th at midnight in your timezone and ends on August 17th at midnight in your timezone. The goal is to read books with 500+ pages and you can read as many or as less books as you want.

I decided to try and read 3 books for this readathon:

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell:

Since this is my favorite book of all time and I’m always in the mood to read it I’m just gonna go for it. Also, I’m planning on doing a Carry On masterpost but I might update my Carry On collection first so idk when I’ll write that. (Do you even want a superlong post about why I love this book so much?)

Inkspell by Cornelia Funke:

I’ve just finished Inkheart and I’m curious enough to continue this trilogy. And that’s one of the books that I’m reading in German since it was originally written in German. 

The School For Good And Evil: The Last Ever After by Soman Chainani:

The 4th book in this series comes out in September or October and I obviously need to read the 3rd on before I read that.

I might not read these books because I’m lazy af but we’ll see.


5 thoughts on “Readathon TBR: Tome Topple Readathon 2017

    1. The Inkheart and Inkdeath covers are as pretty as the Inkspell cover 😊 I’ve only read Michael Ende’s ‘The Neverending Story’ and I really loved it even though my friends seemed to hate it.


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