Stolen Songbird (The Malediction Trilogy #1)


Stolen Songbird was written by Danielle L Jensen.

Cécile de Troyes has been kidnapped and brought to the trolls, who live under the mountains, because they need her to break the curse that bound their city 500 years ago. But Cécile has no intention to help the trolls to their freedom. But she soon finds out that there is no escape from Trollus, and a rebellion is brewing in which she might have a big role.

Spoiler free!:
I was searching for some good high fantasy, especially with mythical creatures like trolls, so I really enjoyed that part. The book starts with the kidnapping so you don´t have to wait like 80 pages for stuff to happen, although the pace slows down during the rest of the book which could have been a bit better but I guess it makes sense. 

I went into this book thinking it was completely fantasy but it kind of turned into a romance after a while and the fantasy aspect wasn´t really important anymore so I found that a tiny bit annoying. And the whole lovestory between Cécile and Tristan was a bit weird because they became very close, than they fought, than they became close again, than they fought again, etc.
And I thought that characters like Marc and Tips were more interesting than Cécile and Tristan and we didn´t get enough from them.
Overall I enjoyed the book more when I started it vs. when I finished it but it was a pretty interesting story so now I have no idea how to rate it.



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