Reading Books In Their Original Language

It´s been a year since I started this book blog and obviously I did not write a review to every single book I read during this year BUT I read all the books I wrote reviews about in English.

Why is this an important fact?
So, I live in Germany which means that English is not my first language and even though I started learning English in primary school my overall knowledge of the language was pretty shitty until about two or three years ago when I started watching YouTube in English and reading books in English.
So the reason why I told you the fact that I´ve read all these books in English is that my English is still not perfect and I´m still learning which leads me to the main part of this post:

Reading Books In Their Original Language

What do I mean with “Original Language”?
The language the book was originally written in, which is usually the language that a majority of people speak in the country the author lives in. 

Why Do I Want To Do This/ Why Am I Doing This?
You know, I could just easily go to my local bookstore and buy all the popular and not so popular books in German and that would be just fine but there is this huge thing I´m not a big fan of: Translations.
Not that people who translate books usually do a bad job because that´s not the case but there are often certain jokes and proverbs that don´t really work out in German so the translators have to change them.

I especially noticed this with books written by my all-time favorite author Rick Riordan (The best of the best, the one and only, the person who wrote all my favorite series, the person who actually writes books that are so fucking diverse that other authors are probably embarrassed for saying their books are diverse ( I´m looking at you, J.K. Rowling)).

I own the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series and the Heroes Of Olympus series in German and I own The Kane Chronicles, the Magnus Chases series and The Trials Of Apollo in English. So I noticed (because I´ve read the Kane Chronicles in German before I bought them myself in English) that some of the jokes the characters make in English are weirdly translated in German because it doesn´t make sense in the translation. I also noticed that the way characters speak, for example Leo Valdez, can´t be a 100% translated so they just change it a bit and it´s save to say that I don´t like this.

Long Story short: I´m trying to read books in their original language which is usually English and if a book was written in German then I read it in German. (I´ve learned French for like six years but honestly, my French is so bad that I don´t think I could read a whole book. And I´ve had Japanese lessons for two years but I´m not going to continue this for the next school year so I´m obviously not able to read a whole book in Japanese.)

The only time I go against this rule is when I´m pretty sure that the original English is way to heavy for me but I really want to understand every single word in the story.
The Lord Of The Rings is one of those books because I bought this a few days ago in German so that I´ll understand everything while reading it. (And because the cover of is super gorgeous so I couldn´t resist it.) 
 And obviously when I already own a German copy of a book.


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