The Man In The High Castle


The Man In The High Castle was written by Philip K. Dick.

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      United States, after the Second World War: The Nazis and the Japanese won the war and the US. is now divided between Germany and Japan. You follow different characters with different nationalities and missions and how they live in a society where slavery is legal again and Jews have to live undercover or else they are brought to concentration camps in Germany. And during all of this the characters discover a book called The Grasshopper Lies Heavy written by The Man In The High Castle, in which the war was won by the Allies.

I did not expect to even like this book but honestly, I loved it. It´s a bit hard to get into the story at first and it´s written in a way that it´s a bit hard to understand sometimes but there is such a good character development in the story and in the first few chapters nothing really happens but then towards the end of the book there is so much crazy stuff happening. The scary part about this book is that it´s super realistic and I mean, it could have actually happened like this.
I don´t think this is a book for everyone, but I think it´s worth reading.

(Rating: B+)



2 thoughts on “The Man In The High Castle

  1. A personal favorite PKD novel is Martian Time-Slip — sorely underrated.

    And of course his better known stuff (if you haven’t read them yet) — Ubik, A Scanner Darkley, and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?…

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