A World Without Princes (The School For Good And Evil #2)


A World Without Princes was written by Soman Chainani.

The School For Good And Evil (The School For Good And Evil #1)

Sophie and Agatha lived through their fairy tale and are now back in Gavaldon, living a peaceful life. But everything changes when Agatha secretly wishes she would have chosen Tedros over Sophie and their story starts rewriting itself. When they get cast back to The School for Good and Evil they realize a terrible truth: Because Agatha chose Sophie over Tedros the whole concept of fairy tales has changed and princesses no longer need princes and vice versa.
In their second year in the School for Good and Evil, Sophie and Agatha have to do everything they can to prevent a war between boys and girls.

      The book definitely had the potential to introduce some lgbt+ characters and (spoiler) we had the scene where Tedros kisses Sophie while she looks like a boy but I expected a tiny bit more since everyone was like ´we don´t need boys/girls to have a happy ending fairy tale´.
It also felt like the ending was a bit forced but overall I really enjoyed where the story was going and I´m excited for the third one.

(Rating: B+)


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3 thoughts on “A World Without Princes (The School For Good And Evil #2)

    1. It’s not really a love triangle because at this point Tedros doesn’t know that he’s kissing Sophie. This is a spoiler btw, but he actually wants to kill Agatha and Sophie at this time because of certain circumstances in both schools. So idk, not really a love triangle.

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