Six Of Crows (Six Of Crows #1)


Six Of Crows was written by Leigh Bardugo.

A new drug allows Grisha to go beyond there power and that means no one, especially not merchants like Jan van Eck, is safe anymore. But he knows where the inventer of the drug is held captive: the Ice Court in the northern country Fjerda. But the Ice Court is a fortress that no one was ever able to break in without getting by the Fjerdan Guards.
So Jan van Eck lays his trust in the hands of the worst criminals in the Barrel:
Kaz Brekker – who build himself an empire in the Barrel even though no one knows where he came from;
Inej Ghafa – also known as the Wraith, the best spy in the Barrel;
Nina Zenik – a powerful Heartrender;
Matthias Helvar – a former drüskelle from Fjerda;
Jesper Fahey – the best sharpshooter in Brekkers´ gang;
And Wylan van Eck – his runaway son.’
The worst criminals are about to change the world.

Ok seriously: I cried just writing down their names because I love them all so much and this book is so amazing and I´m really trying to write a good review but I needed to tell you how much I love them. Now you know.
Basically, this duology is super popular around the internet and at first I wasn´t sure if I really wanted to read it but then a friend borrowed me their copy and the instance I opened the book I was lost. This book is high-fantasy and it actually has a map of the world and if there´s a map then it´s probably good. So, I´ve read it and I fell in love with the six protagonists because they´re all so well developed and some authors don´t even manage to develop one protagonist. Literally, this is one of those books you absolutely have to read in your lifetime or else you´re missing out on something.

Rating: 5/5


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