Illuminae (The Illuminae Files #1)


Illuminae was written by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff.

Breaking up with Ezra wasn´t easy. But Kady never thought that on the exact same day her planet would be invaded and that she had to work together with Ezra to survive the attack. Now they´re on their way through the galaxy to escape the people who want them dead.

I thought I would hate that book since it´s written in interviews, chat logs etc. BUT I absolutely loved it and here are some reasons why: 

  • Kady is the best hacker the universe has ever seen and did I mention she also saves the whole fucking universe with her hacking skills?
  • Ezra is this super chill dude but if you talk shit about Kady he WILL kill you;
  • Literally Ezra & Kady;
  • Ezra has the coolest friends (Spoiler: they all die);
  • (Spoiler!) There is like a zombie apocalypse thingy going on;
  • AIDAN 
  • There are so many minorities represented in this book and that made me super happy.

 This book has 599 pages and I raced through them and it was so worth not sleeping enough. 
Also: buy it as hardcover.




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