The Iron Trial (Magisterium #1)


The Iron Trial was written by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare.

12 years ago, Calls´ mum died because of magic. Now he´s about to be selected as a student for the Magisterium, the reason his mum lost her life. Call knows for sure that he needs to fail the Iron Trial or else he dies, being eaten by wyverns or worse. But he soon finds himself as one of the students and in front of adventures he never dreamed of.

First of all: The Iron Trial is a middle grade book and I have this undying love for middle grade books. So I expected a lot and I was definitely not disappointed.
Second: Since everyone wants to read diverse books this year I highly recommend reading the Magisterium series because a) Callum, the main character, is physically disabled and b) there are so many poc in this book and most of them are really important for the plot (also, I was sensing some lgbt+ potential but I might be wrong).
Third: It´s so well written and I love it so much.

(Rating: ★★★★★)



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