Althea & Oliver


Althea & Oliver was written by Cristina Moracho.

The book is about the best friends Althea Carter and Oliver McKinley who are very close since they´ve been six years old. But now, in their junior year of high school, Althea wants more than just friendship while Oliver just wants his life to get back to normal after he woke up without any memory of the last three weeks.
Their relationship fails and Oliver leaves for a clinical study in New York to find out whats wrong with his brain. Althea then follows him all the way to NY to make up for what she´s done.

I had this book on my wishlist for seven months now and I finally got around to read it.
It was super different from what I imagined it to be and there was a lot happening even though it´s not really like a super thick book. it had this ´realistic touch´ to it which I thought was really cool.


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