Openly Straight


Openly Straight was written by Bill Konigsberg.

Rafe is openly gay in the town he comes from and everyone is okay with it. But then Rafe decides that he doesn´t wan´t to be the gay kid anymore, he just wants to be himself without barriers and labels. So he transfers to an all-boys´ boarding school at the other end of the country and starts to be openly straight. At first, his plan works and he becomes friends with a whole bunch of people who see him as the person he truly is and not as the person who´s gay but when he starts falling in love with one of his new friends he realizes, that sometimes, you can´t just change a part of yourself.

This book was nothing as I expected it to be and at first I thought this book was kinda shitty because it was nothing like the picture I had in my mind but well, it was great. It amazes me every single time how much a lgbt+ book can actually help you figuring out stuff and everything but I´m pretty sure I know more about myself after reading a book about my fellow queers. Back to ´Openly straight´: I picked this book up and started reading and at first I was like, meh, but then I was literally not able to put it away which is obviously more than good. I laughed a lot and cried probably equally as much while reading this book, which, at least for me, means that a book is super amazing (Some people think crying is bad, I think, the more I cry while doing literally anything the better it was). I guess it´s not that hard to tell that I love this book, but I love it. I really do.

(Rating: ★★★★★)



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