The Sword Of Summer (Magnus Chase And The Gods Of Asgard #1)


Magnus Chase And The Sword Of Summer was written by Rick Riordan.

Magnus Chase is a 16 year old homeless boy, who lives on the streets in Boston. But his whole life changes when he dies after a battle with Surt, Lord of Muspelheim. He is send to Valhalla where he finds out that his long-lost father is a norse god and that he has to find a sword which his father lost two thousand years ago or the world will end on Doomsday.

First of all, Rick Riordan is like the best author in the nine worlds and I very much hate him because I will never have enough money to buy myself all his books. But trust me you will not regret reading his books even though you´ll be poor after buying all his books.

You´re probably asking yourself right now why you should read a book about Norse Mythology because you´re really not interested in mythology in general but seriously, I wasn´t interested in mythology but then I read Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles and now Magnus Chase and I´m really, really into mythology now.

And here is a list of things that are pretty cool in this book:

  • Magnus Chase looks like Kurt Cobain
  • Blitzen and Hearthstone (and please don´t tell me they´re not a couple because they very much are)
  • Thor is a huge nerd and has a good taste in TV shows
  • Thomas Jefferson Junior
  • Speaking animals and a speaking sword
  • Samirah al-Abbas
  • Odin is a freak
  • Have I mentioned how cute Blitz and Hearth are?

Get it here and here.



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