Every Day


Every Day was written by David Levithan.

A is not a normal 16-year-old teenager because they wake up in a new body every single day. Which has never been a problem until A meets a girl. A girl named Rhiannon who will change A´s view of life.

First of all, David Levithan is an amazing author and if I could I would read all of his work. 

Second: There are so many kinds of people included in that story and this makes me a really, really happy person.

And third (might be a spoiler idk): I kind of developed strong feelings for books with an open ending because that just makes everything so much more beautiful. You´re not reading a story from the beginning to the end, you´re only reading a small extract and the rest of the story is up to your imagination. I used to hate that but right now I love it.

Get it here

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