The 100


The 100 was written by Kass Morgan. (There is no website for Kass Morgan so I linked her Twitter instead.)

After a nuclear war humanity moved into spaceships above the earth to prevent living on the radioactive surface of the planet.Now one hundred criminal teenagers are sent back down to earth to re-colonize the planet. This could be a chance for a second life… or a suicide mission.

So some of you might have watched the TV show but I didn´t and I don´t intend to because I´ve heard that the books are actually better than the TV show. As far as I can tell the books are really amazing so if you haven´t read them yet then you should try them out.

The 100

Get it here and here

The 100 Day 21

Get it here and here

The 100 Homecoming

Get it here and here

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