The 5th Wave


The 5th Wave was written by Rick Yancey in 2013.

You´ve probably heard of “The 5th Wave” while reading this and I know that there is an actual movie but I haven´t seen it and I want to encourage you to actually read the books because they´re amazing.

I personally bought the books because a friend told me that “they´re great” and “about aliens” so I obviously had to buy it but because you might not be such a fanatic as me, voilà, the content:

It actually is about an alien invasion but, as the title says, there a five “waves” the aliens send down on earth because they want to wipe out humanity:

  • The 1st Wave: Lights Out
  • The 2nd Wave: Surf´s up
  • The 3rd Wave: Pestilence
  • The 4th Wave: Silencer
  • The 5th Wave: ?


So I don´t want to spoiler you about the 5th Wave (seriously, read the books) so here´s a list of stuff I enjoyed the most while reading the books:

  1. Nearly every main character dies: Sounds really mean, if I say it like that BUT this literally made the books so realistic. I mean, who would survive an alien apocalypse?
  2. Ringer is just so damn badass and I love her.
  3. Cassie is brave and a hero.
  4. This actually has real badass female characters? And they don´t have to act like boys to explain why they´re so badass.
  5. Sammy.
  6. Ben is actually really nice despite being a male main character.

The 5th Wave:

Get it hereherehere and here

The Infinite

Get it hereherehere and here

The Last Star

Get it hereherehere and here

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