Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda


This book has actually been on my wish list but guess what? I bought it and I read it and it was freaking great.

So Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda was written by Becky Albertalli and it´s like this new pretty big deal in LGBT+ YA books and let me tell you this: it is. 100%

It is about a boy called Simon Spier who is gay but not out yet and who met this guy on Tumblr named Blue. He knows nothing about Blue except the fact that they´re on the same high school and that they´re both gay (and not out yet; which is kind of the reason how they met but you´ll figure this out while reading the book. Because seriously read it.).

But there is this boy called Martin and he saw Simons´ mails with Blue so he is actually the only one to know that Simon is gay and he basically asks Simon to help him out with a girl or he´s going to tell people that Simon´s gay. Which is (obviously) a problem because Simon and Blue finally start falling for each other.

This book is literally so good and cute and GOOD. Also the characters are all so cute and I wasn´t even annoyed with the straight characters.

And, guys, I knew who Blue was. I KNEW and that´s all I say about Blue because you have to figure this out own your own. 

Oh, and Simon has such a good music taste, I´m pretty impressed.

Get it herehere and here

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