Eleanor & Park


Eleanor & Park was written by Rainbow Rowell in 2012.

First of all, I can´t tell you how much I love Rainbow Rowell. I just appreciate this woman way too much. And I probably should be writing about Carry On, because it is my favorite book (leave me be) but I decided to go with this one.

If you don´t know what Eleanor & Park is about, then that´s kind of good because I`ll tell you.

So everything starts in a school bus when Eleanor got in at her station and she´s basically like “the new girl” and she is super different from everyone else (mismatched clothes, red hair, big). So nobody wants her to sit next to them except for Park (black band tees, COMIC BOOKS, asian). And they slowly start to like each other.

Like, seriously because this is a love story.

It´s super hard for me to say anything about Eleanor & Park because I literally adore this book and I don´t want to say something wrong, but literally, this book is so worth it they are just so nerdy and cute and it takes place in 1986 and if you´ve read any single other Rainbow Rowell book then you should read Eleanor and Park as well.


  1. Richie is as bad as you might think
  2. Mindy!
  3. El-la-no
  4. You will love the mentioned music

Get it herehere and here.

And the last thing I wanna talked about are the three words. I know nearly everyone thinks she wrote “I love you” but I don´t think so. I think she wrote “Stupid Asian kid”.




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